Marketing Lessons from Big Business

Being small can be an advantage. It allows you to be nimble, quickly responding to change, and more easily ensuring that every corner of your organisation is pulling in the same direction. I built Vivid Thinking on the premise that we can take the lessons from big business and scale them back for small business needs. And the rise of cloud-based services has enabled a levelling of the playing field for regionally-based business, making professional marketing execution, affordable.

The opportunity is to take your marketing to the next level by getting the thinking right first. As anyone who has ever been in contact with me knows I’m a committed brand evangelist. The most successful big companies link business strategy to brand strategy. And it’s catching on! Why? A recent marketing report, ‘What Works Where 2018’ in marketing week highlights that it’s because brand is increasingly being recognised as being central to business strategy – no longer as a desirable add on – but as a key ‘driver of business performance and commercial impact’. The key take away is that, ‘Having a strong brand is no longer “a marketing thing” or a nice-to-have. It’s a critical business asset.’

Brand is shifting from a tactical priority to a strategic one. Why? Because it will improve your bottom line. For small business we actually have an advantage because we can infuse our brand strategy into every corner of our business, much more easily than large organisations can.

Should you be putting brand higher up your priority list? Decide for yourself. You can find the article here. It’s a great read – with real data based on research not opinion.

I’d love to hear what you think, Ingrid