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At Vivid Thinking we get the thinking right first so you can supercharge your marketing

Ingrid Rothe

Principal Brand Strategist

Principal, Ingrid Rothe, draws upon more than 25 years’ experience in brand marketing at senior/executive levels for multi-national and multi-million-dollar business including:

  • launching Fujitsu Asia Pacific (Lifebook) into Australia;
    delivering award-winning launches for Hewlett-Packard Australian and New Zealand;
  • overseeing the 2010 University of New England rebranding and 3-year growth strategy, which exceeded its multi-million-dollar targets within two years;
  • Winner Excellence in Innovation category in Armidale Business Awards; winner New England North West Regional Awards; and State Finalist NSW Business
    Chamber Awards

Ingrid, launched Vivid Thinking in early 2012 with a focus on micro business, start ups and small business.  Ingrid has translated, redeveloped, and scaled down corporate
marketing methodologies and made them accessible and affordable for regionally-based small businesses. 

Cas Matarazzo

Brand Specialist

Cas is adept at helping micro and small businesses articulate what makes their business unique and creating messaging and copy that brings their brand to life.

Cas has more than 9 years experience as a content creator, producer and digital designer including:

  • 2 years as Creative Director, Online Orientation at the University of New England where he teamed up with academics across multiple disciplines to design and produce personalised digital content based on student profiles and data to improve the academic outcomes of low socio economic enrolees;
  • As Creative Lead at Mori Creative his role was to lead teams of freelance creative professionals to deliver brand identity systems and websites based on clients business needs and their target audiences;
  • Cas is also the Co-Founder of Braindrops Digital, specialising in digital marketing and design exclusively for mental health practitioners.

Cas thrives in the space where creativity meets commerce, designing content that strives to mutually benefit clients and their audiences with meticulous attention to their brand and marketing strategy.


Our Client Experience

“My goal was to double my revenue in two years, which we achieved. Our brand strategy was the most significant contributor to this outcome.”

Steve Mepham

High Country Productions

“Vivid’s Brand Strategy Workshop was on point and effective. The insights I gained have provided clarity to help me move my business forward.”

Tracey Cullen

Style for You

“Ingrid has a native genius for helping business owners identify ‘what’s special about their business.’It’s an enormous asset that helps people – in small, big, new, old, and any kind of business – market more clearly and effectively.”

Tracy Pendergast

Pentica PR

Kylie Toynton, Growing Words

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should I expect from a Vivid Thinking Brand Strategy?

Your business is unique, and your marketing should be too. At Vivid Thinking we specialise in developing unique brand and marketing strategies. And our results have shown that when you get the thinking right first, your spend on marketing will be much more effective.

Vivid Thinking’s proven methodology guides strategic thinking around each client’s: business and products; customers; and uniqueness.

Vivid Thinking articulates messages designed to resonate with a business’s clients, and Vivid makes recommendations on the: the best way to reach those clients; and how to increase the appeal of your product or service to your target customers.

Your unique brand strategy will: articulate what you want your business to be in the future – aspirational and inspirational; define the purpose of your organisation today; speak to the emotional response you want to evoke when your clients experience your brand; describe your brand through the application of human characteristics; clearly articulate your services’ unique value and benefits (benefits); distinguish your business from its competitors; and create messaging that resonates with your identified, ideal target audience.

What is included in the Brand Discovery Workshop?

The Brand Discovery Workshop is designed to produce a brand strategy that will resonate with your desired target audience and reflect your unique point of difference,  achieve cut-through and build preference in a competitive market. Each package includes a Brand Discovery workshop.

The Essentials Package includes:

  • 3-hour Brand Discovery Workshop with one on one or small group key stakeholders (up to 6 participants)
  • Brand and marketing recommendation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Check in meeting 3 months after Strategy delivery

The Advantage Package includes

All of the above plus:

  • 1- hour follow up meeting to review and refine Values, Personality and Brand Insight
  • 1-hour follow up meeting to review and refine Vision, Mission, and Unique Value Proposition
  • Final Review Meeting
  • Creative Brief Template for your business use for advertising, web briefs, and graphic designers

Advantage Plus Package

  • Up to 2 Brand Discovery Workshops with key stakeholders
  • Brand testing


I already have a logo, why do I need a brand strategy?

Your brand is much more than your logo, your name or even a slogan. It is the entire experience your customers and potential customers have with your business, product or service.

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey, and determines how your employees will interact with customers. 

A brand strategy is both a road map and a compass to guide your business to its objectives.


I don’t have a logo yet, should I sort that before starting on a brand strategy?

Definitely strategy-first.

Once you have a compelling brand strategy then a skilled and creative graphic designer can develop your brand identity, through colour, fonts and other visual elements that match your business’s personality and bring your brand story to life.


My business is part of a franchise, can I still benefit from a brand strategy?

Regional communities often have a preference for dealing with local businesses and this preference has become more entrenched as a result of the pandemic.

We work with local franchise owners to help communicate their local identity as local employers, their engagement and contribution to community, while highlighting the benefits their franchise has to offer.

We can help you stand out of the crowd locally while still ensuring fit with the businesses overarching franchise brand, as well as compliance with their visual identity requirements.


What is the DIY Marketing Toolbox?

Vivid believes that transferring skills and knowledge ensures mutually beneficial outcomes and growth. Vivid provides support and skills transfer for businesses that are not yet large enough or larger businesses with in-house teams that do not need to retain Vivid’s services on an ongoing basis.

Vivid’s DIY Marketing Toolbox is designed to equip businesses with the skills and tools they need to successfully meet their business objectives.

Vivid offers small group public workshops tailored to private training for staff teams or one-on-one training in market execution to ensure professional results for our client’s businesses and to maximise their return on their investment in strategy development.

We develop customised business toolkits including guides and templates that will bring our clients’ business stories to life and allow them to take ownership of their marketing.

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